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Travel Jael in Amalfi, Italy.

Who is Travel Jael?

I’m from Finland, but during my 30+ years on Planet Earth I’ve also lived in the UK, Belgium, Spain and for a brief period also Australia. I’ve always had itchy feet and a never-ending desire to explore and learn new things about different cultures and places. I’m constantly longing for the next adventure and consequently, I’ve travelled to almost 50 countries around the world. For me an important part of travel is interacting with local people, which is why I’m passionate about learning languages. Today I speak English, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish and French, but in the future I hope to add several more to the list.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in journalism as well as a Master’s degree in history, but I’ve also studied marketing, communication and Nordic literature. When I’m not travel blogging I work as a journalist and travel writer (if you want to find out more about my professional background and educational achievements check out my online portfolio here). I’m a member of the Finnish Guild of Travel Journalists. You can also find me singing in a salsa band, walking my dog, going for a run or picking up travel literature at the local library.

I strongly believe that not only can travel change you as a person – it can also change the world! When we meet people with different backgrounds we broaden our perspectives and become more acceptant: not everyone thinks like we do, but that’s wonderful! Travelling to beautiful destinations and appreciating nature and its diversity also helps us become more observant and conscious. Even though the impacts of my choices as a consumer might not be visible in Finland, doesn’t mean they aren’t somewhere else.

With this blog I hope to inspire to make the most out of every travel and learn as much as possible, whether it be a travel IRL or a virtual voyage. I also wish to encourage to travel in a conscious way – both environmentally and culturally – and will be sharing tips on how to be a more responsible traveller.

Welcome aboard – now let’s go explore!

Travel Jael enjoying beautiful sunsets in Goa, India