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Curious about what others are reading on this blog? You’ll find the answers here! To celebrate the end of the year I decided to put together a list of my most popular posts during 2021. Turtles, flowers, ancient Maya and tips on how to handle the Amalfi drive – my Top Ten list has it all.

This post is also great for anyone looking for travel inspiration. Hope you enjoy it!

Top 10 Posts During 2021

So here it is: a list with my most popular blog posts during the past 12 months. It includes some classics that have continued to attract readers ever since they were published, but also some newcomers from 2020.

We’ll start from the bottom and slowly work our way up to the number one favourite this year. Are you ready? Here we go!

Number 10: Nohoch Mul in Cobá

Climbing the Mayan pyramid Nohoch Mul in Coba
Climbing the Mayan pyramid Nohoch Mul in Coba gives you a great view over the jungle.

At the bottom of this list we find my post about Nohoch Mul in Cobá.

There aren’t many ancient Mayan pyramids out there that you’re still allowed to climb. But near Tulum in Mexico you’ll find the ancient Mayan city of Cobá where this is still possible.

Climbing to the top of the 42-metres high pyramid Nohoch Mul is an exhilarating experience that you won’t forget easily.

This blog post will help you make the most of your climb to the top.

Read it here: Climbing a Mayan Pyramid – Ten Tips for Visiting the Ancient Nohoch Mul in Cobá

Number 9: Driving in Mexico

What you need to know before driving in Mexico
Driving on Tulum beach road (pictured) can sometimes be slow.

For those who want to explore as much of the Yucatán peninsula as possible renting a car is often the most flexible and affordable option at least if there are several people splitting the costs.

But renting a car in Mexico can feel daunting – what kind of things should you consider before hitting the road? Find out in this blog post that also happens to be the ninth most read post during 2021. You’ll also find an example of what it costs to rent a car for three days including money spent on gas.

Read it here: What You Need to Know Before Renting a Car and Driving in Mexico – A Complete Guide

Number 8: Helsinki’s Best Flower Spots

The Rhododendron Park in Helsinki is a must-visit
The Rhododendron Park in Helsinki is a must-visit for flower fans.

The flower season is short, but beautiful in Helsinki. Many of the prettiest flowers are at their best only for a short period of time, so you need to plan wisely if you don’t want to miss out on the flower fiestas.

Coming in at number eight we find my blog post with five must-visit places for all fellow flower friends out there. In this blog post you’ll find five recommendations of great flower-themed places to visit in Helsinki and when the best time is to visit them. It’s the ultimate floral bucketlist for those visiting Helsinki!

Read it here: Five Beautiful Places for Flower Enthusiasts to Visit in Helsinki

Number 7: Turtles in Akumal

Snorkel with turtles at Akumal Beach
Snorkelling with turtles in their natural habitat was one of my favourite travel experiences in Mexico.

Snorkelling with turtles in their nature habitat had been one of my travel dreams for ages. When I first visited Akumal beach in 2018 and headed out for a snorkel I was over the moon! Swimming side by side with these beautiful creatures was truly magical and I’ve since returned to experience it once more.

It’s super important to do this in a way that doesn’t affect the turtles negatively. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people snorkelling here who seem more concerned about getting a nice picture of themselves with turtles, than showing them the respect they deserve. So please read this guide to find out how you can do this in a responsible way.

Read it here: Snorkelling with Turtles at Akumal Beach – the Ultimate Guide

Number 6: Thoughts About Tulum

What's Tulum really like
This just might be the most photographed sign in Tulum, but why not? Love these kind of cute details.

Moving up closer to the top five posts. Coming in at number six is Tulum – one of my favourite places in the world.

It’s such a beautiful place and there’s a really special kind of energy there. But since it attracts such a large amount of influencers and gets so much attention on social media I wanted to write an honest review. Is it really all it’s cracked up to be? What was it really like in real life and what kind of travellers should head there – who should steer clear?

Since my first visit I’ve been back for more of Tulum and I still agree with everything I wrote in my review. Although it might not be everybody’s cup of tea, Tulum continues to make people fall in love with its special energy over and over again. Can’t wait to go back!

If you’re dreaming about going, but not quite able to make out if it’s for you make sure to read my blog post from 2018.

Read it here: What’s Tulum Really Like – a Trendy Beach Paradise or the Perfect Stage for Influencers?

Number 5: Hanami in Helsinki

Travel Jael Cherry Park
Roihuvuori’s Cherry tree park in full bloom is so pretty. Can’t wait to see this again next spring!

Yay, more flowers! At number five on this list of most read blog posts in 2021 we find my guide on how to see Helsinki’s very own hanami.

Perhaps a bit unexpected, but Helsinki’s hanami is definitely worth seeing! Every spring Roihuvuori’s cherry tree park transforms into a gorgeous sea of pink petals, attracting photographers, picnic-goers and flower fans.

My blog post from 2020 about how to see the trees in full bloom gained a lot of popularity this year and was one of my most read posts during the spring months.

Read it here: Helsinki’s Hanami Magic – How to See Roihuvuori’s Cherry Park in Full Bloom

Number 4: Helsinki’s Sunflowers

Helsinki’s sunflower fields can brighten up anyone’s day in August and September.

And one last flower-power moment! At number four is my blog post about Helsinki’s sunflower fields, another must-see for all flower enthusiasts out there.

I might complain a lot about Finland’s winters, but we sure know how to make the most of our summer season. And what better way to help your citizens make the most of summer than to provide them with colourful eye candy? Every year the city of Helsinki (as well as several other cities in Finland) plant sunflowers for its citizens to enjoy.

Find out where to find the sunflower fields and when to go in my guide.

Read it here: A Pocketful of Sunshine – The Complete Guide to Visiting Helsinki’s Sunflower Fields

Number 3: Cenote Sac Actun

If you’re planning on visiting a cenote during your trip to Mexico I highly recommend beautiful Sac Actun.

It’s getting exciting: we’ve reached our final three posts!

In third place we have a Travel Jael classic: my guide on visiting the awe-inspiring cenote Sac Actun in Mexico. This post is one of my first ever blog posts and from year to year it continues to remain one of the most popular posts.

This cenote, located near Tulum and Akumal on the Yucatán peninsula, is by far the most amazing cenote I’ve visited. Going on a tour of this cenote is an experience you won’t forget. In my Sac Actun guide you’ll find everything you need to know to plan your visit.

Read more: The Complete Guide to Visiting Cenote Sac Actun

Number 2: Driving in Amalfi

The Amalfi Drive is a thrilling and awe-inspiring road to drive
With its fantastic views the Amalfi Drive is considered one of the most beautiful roads in the world.

And the silver medal goes to my post about surviving the world-famous Amalfi drive! This post was originally published in 2019 and has been a slow grower. Last year it entered the top five list and now it’s already climbed up to second place. Wonder where we find it next year?

The Amalfi coast is another of my absolute favourite destinations – those incredible views! But driving along the Amalfi drive can be pretty scary.

In this blog post I share ten tips for planning your Amalfi road trip: how to choose the right car, what the driving culture is like and a lot of other practical tips.

Read it here: Amalfi Coast Road Trip – Ten Tips to Help You Survive the Amalfi Drive

Number 1: El Castillo in Chichen Itzá

Interesting facts about El Castillo in Chichen Itzá
There are so many interesting things about this structure in Chichen Itzá I had to dedicate an entire blog post to it.

Drumroll please! In first place, winning the gold medal of this top ten list is my blog post about El Castillo in Chichen Itzá.

Another Travel Jael classic – this post is one of my oldest and it has been a hit with my readers ever since it was published. Every single day people find their way to my blog thanks to this blog post.

The ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itzá in Mexico is one of the world wonders and it gets a lot of visitors each year. El Castillo, or the Pyramid of Kukulkan as it’s also referred to, is by far Chichen Itzá’s most famous structure and has become kind of a symbol of this ancient Mayan city.

This pyramid continues to fascinate people – myself included – prompting questions about why it was built and what mysteries lies within it.

Read it here: Nine Interesting Facts About El Castillo in Chichen Itzá


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