Travel Diary: Island Life Instead of a Trip to Spain

A week in Korpo in Finland

Last week I was supposed to be in Spain. Life didn’t go as planned, but my one-week vacation still turned out quite nice. After months of missing our island cabin, I was finally able to go.

Watching sunset after sunset, reading books and having a dip in the sea after sauna – Korpo is a true paradise. Here’s a travel diary post about my week on the island!

A Change of Plans

A week in Korpo in Finland
Some things never change: still waters in the archipelago always look amazing!

I’d been looking forward to the third week of May for a long time. Not only was I going to get to be a bridesmaid for the first time at the wedding of one of my best friends, but we were also going to explore Spain for a whole week.

From Seville to El Rocío, Jerez de la Frontera and Ronda – this was going to be a very exciting trip with sun, fun with friends and a pinch of adventure.

As for more or less everyone else in the world, the coronavirus turned our lives upside down in many ways. Obviously now is not the time to travel abroad.

Finally Able to Visit Korpo

Korpoström during springtime
Archipelago views in Korpoström. Korpoström is where we leave our car behind and continue by boat to a small island nearby.

Our summer cabin is located on a small island in Korpo in the Southwest of Finland. Because of the climate in Finland, we aren’t usually able to visit the island during the winter season.

The winter season always seems so long, and I miss the island so much. So I was looking forward to visiting the island in March this year. However, due to the corona situation this wasn’t possible. The message from the Finnish government was clear: “Now is not the time to travel to summer cabins”.

It was a long wait, but thankfully, right before our summer vacation was about to start, the government announced they were lifting restrictions. So although our original plans were cancelled, we finally felt it was okay to visit Korpo!

Relaxing and Watching Sunsets

A week in Korpo in Finland
Every single sunset is unique, but what they have in common is that they seldom disappoint me. Sometimes it’s more orange, sometimes more gold or magenta, but it’s always incredibly beautiful!

With a whole week in the archipelago, normally I’d have wanted to explore lots of different places. But this time, because of the corona situation, there was little else to do besides just relaxing on the island. Keeping everyone safe is the most important thing after all.

Normally not doing anything for a week would have me super bored, but it was such a relief to finally be out on the island, I didn’t mind at all.

I spent most my days reading books as well as working on my blog.

Evenings were spent enjoying the sauna and a dip in the sea followed by admiring the beautiful sunsets. I’ve travelled the world and seen so many beautiful sunsets, but Korpo is definitely one of the best places I’ve ever visited for watching sunsets. The colours never disappoint me!

A week in Korpo in Finland
Coffee, sea and books: perfect! Saturdays at Noon by Rachel Marks was a really good book by the way. Easy to read, yet more than just a superficial feel-good novel.

Isolation Made Easy

Online grocery shopping during coronatimes
Even far out in the archipelago we can order our groceries online. They even threw in an extra chocolate for us which was a really cute surprise!

After spending over two months more or less isolated it was a relief to be on the island, where isolation is natural and easy. Taking a walk in the forest, enjoying the sun and working out without the stress of avoiding contact was a relief.

As we could order our groceries online as well we didn’t even have to stress about contacts while shopping.

A Break From Adapting to Changes

A week in Korpo in Finland
I always look at the sun setting, but sometimes forget to look in the opposite direction. After the sun has set it sometimes colours the sky in the opposite direction in beautiful pastel nuances, like the evening I took this picture.

I’ve really been struggling with social distancing, working only remotely, avoiding contact. But on the island, isolation is completely natural and I didn’t have to struggle at all, just be the way I always am there. It kind of felt like a vacation from the self-quarantine life and boy was that needed!

I’ve moved around all my life, but Korpo has always been part of our family. It’s always been kind of like a second home to me, the only address in my life that hasn’t changed every few years and that has given me something stable and permanent.

I guess during times like these it’s extra soothing to go some place that doesn’t change no matter what. Everything else is upside down, but life on the island is still the same. That’s a huge comfort to me.

All Good Things Come to an End

A week in Korpo in Finland
I finally had time to concentrate on my blog and got a lot of tasks ticked off my to-do list.

Nothing lasts forever and the week just seemed to flash by. After eight wonderful days on the island, it was time to pack up our stuff and go back to the city. Vacation is over for now.

Hopefully we’ll be able to visit Korpo over weekends, though, and I’ll have some more vacation in a few months time. Looking forward to some more much-needed island time then!

A week in Korpo in Finland

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